Are you looking for easy dog house plans so you can learn how to build a dog house?  Hi, my name is Rick Riley and I put together this website to help people find easy dog house plans so they can build the dog house of their dreams.  I have built a lot of dog houses myself, and I wanted to be able to share with people some of the most common things people should do when building a dog house.  This article will discuss the basics about building a dog house and what to look for in easy dog house plans?

First, make sure that you understand that not all dog houses are created equal, and if you want to get good and easy dog house plans, you must be sure to understand what makes good dog house plans.  A lot of people who get plans just buy whatever they can find and let me tell you…this is a BIG mistake!

Here is what to look for:

Easy Dog House Plans – Part 1

Make sure that you understand how to setup and install insulation in your dog house.  If you don’t install your insulation correctly, you can have problems and issues and your dog house can make the dog sick.  If insulation gets wet it can become moldy and toxic, so this is important to understand.  The best way to install insulation is to put it between two pieces of plywood so it insulates the dog house properly, and keeps the insulation dry.  This is often not discussed in dog house plans books.

Easy Dog House Plans – Part 2

How big of a dog house are you looking to build?  A large dog house will let you have more dogs in it, but of course will be more expensive.  If you have a female dog and you plan on breeding the dog and having puppies then you will need enough space in the dog house for the puppies to live in the dog house.  I had a friend, Jared, who built a dog house and then realized it was too small and his dog wouldn’t even go into it a few months down the road.  Why?  Because the dog was going to have puppies!

Easy Dog House Plans – Part 3

How big is your yard?  A small yard can make a dog house look big and out of place.  There are certain tips and tricks you can do to make your dog house not look big if you have a small yard.  certain roof angels, entry ways, or colors can make your dog house look good, or look ugly.  You have to know how to make it look good.

Easy Dog House Plans – Part 4

Roofing and shingles.  Proper roofing is required if you want drainage to happen correctly.  Getting the right shingles is also important because without good shingles you will run into issues with the roof leaking, which can make the dog house rot and become ruined.  Also, if you get a lot of rain you have to make sure the roof is at the right angel and has a large enough overhang so that the water does not all go right to the base of the dog house.

Easy Dog House Plans – Part 5

Cleaning. Nobody loves to clean a dog house, well, unless they are crazy.  So, if you are decide to want to build a dog house make sure that you get good and easy dog house plans that discuss how to build a dog house that is easy to clean.

Easy Dog House Plans – Materials, water proofing, and painting.

Depending on what type of material you use, or what type of wood you use, some dog houses need to be painted, and some need to use water proofing.  If you don’t seal the dog house correctly water can get inside and once again can make the dogs very uncomfortable and then can also make the dog house rot and leak.

Easy Dog House Plans – Weather.

What direction does the wind blow?  What way does rain come in?  These are just a few things to think about if you are going to build a dog house or are looking for good dog house plans.

Many people who are looking to build a dog house find themselves unsure where to begin, so they just go buy materials, wood, and then start building the dog house but quickly run into issues or problems. Don’t make these common mistakes and waste hours of your time in frustration, only to build a dog house that isn’t safe for your dog.  Discover how to build a dog house by using easy dog house plans that will walk you, step-by-step through the process.

Now I have spent hours and hours researching different dog house plans online and have come to the conclusion that there are not a lot of good options.  But I did find some.  I bought them and have used them every time I build a dog house.  In fact, I have built over 20 dog houses for friends, neighbors, and family members and each time I build a dog house I use these easy dog house plans.  Best of all there is absolutely no risk for you, since if you don’t like the plans you can get your money back with a money-back guarantee.

I highly recommend you learn more so you can build the dog house of you and your dog’s dreams!

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Your friend,

Rick Riley