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With Easy Build Dog House Plans You Will Receive Easy to Follow Plans for:

--> Medium dog houses for small and medium sized breeds.

--> Large dog houses for larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds.

--> Duplex houses for multiple dogs with an optional separating wall to allow all dogs to sleep together.

--> Insulated walls and raised floors to keep your dog warm and dry.

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Looking for dog kennel plans?  Here’s what you need to know!

If you are looking for dog kennel plans, then you must understand what will make a good dog kennel.

This article will discuss different things to look out for when it comes to dog kennel plans.

When building a dog kennel make sure that you build in shade for your dog.  If you have a tree this can act as natural shade for your dog kennel keeping your dogs cool during the hot winter months.  Also you need to consider which direction the wind blows, that way you can determine how to keep your dogs warm in the winter if you have cold winters, and then cool in the summer.

Another thing you want to consider if building your dog kennel up on high ground or on a slope so rain water or snow or any type of precipitation drains downward.  Good dog kennel plans should tell you how to do this.  Of course, if you have a concrete foundation this is not as important as the dog kennel won’t get all muddy any time it rains or snows.

Security is an often overlooked aspect of dog kennels.  Generally people only think about security when they are building something else for a dog, but let me tell you security is important.  You don’t want other dogs getting into the kennel, as a serious fight could break out, and you also don’t want your dog to escape your dog kennel because you might lose him or her forever.

So, here are some good tips that dog kennel plans should include.

1)  If you are building a dog kennel and have a concrete foundation, then you don’t have to worry about bury the fence deep into the ground.  However, whatever fence posts you use–metal or wood, make sure they go into the ground deep enough to make a solid fence.  Some people recommend as deep as 12 inches into the ground for your fence posts.

One thing to keep in mind is that some dogs can easily dig under a few inches of dirt, but 12 inches should prevent any dog from escaping or digging out.  If you have a concrete floor then you don’t have to worry about burying it super deep.

2)  The type of fencing you use is also important.  Make sure that you don’t use metal fencing that will rust, galvanized or plastic fencing is recommend that way you do not have to worry about rust.  Also, plastic fence will make sure that your animals don’t get cut on sharp metal edges that can form on fences.
The last thing to consider in dog kennel plans is heating and cooling.  If you live in extreme climates you may need to heat your dog kennel, or you may need to cool it. There are many different solutions beyond the scope of this article that you can look into.  If your dog kennel is insulated well, then one or a few high wattage light bulbs can normally warm up the whole dog kennel.  Cooling can be done by a mister or by a fan most of the time, as long as there is sufficient shade.

These are just a few things to consider if you are looking to get dog kennel plans.  I have built over 20 dog houses and kennels in just the last few years, and I have used this resource every single time.  I recommend you check it out and learn more about it.  It has detailed guides, specific plans, blueprints, drawings, and pictures.  The amount of time and money you will save will be well worth it. Click here to learn more.

Your friend,

Rick Riley

How to build a dog kennel:

Building an outdoor dog kennel is a great way to help your dog healthy, happy, and active. Instead of buying a kennel you can build a dog kennel that can save you money and it can be an enjoyable project.  If you are considering building a dog kennel then follow these tips.  I have built many dog houses and kennels before, I here are some things I have learned.

The first thing you need to do, depending on where you live, is to check the neighborhood association rules, or the zoning regulations.  The last thing you want to do is to start building a dog kennel and then run into zoning regulations, or a neighborhood association that will prohibit you if you build a dog kennel.

To check zoning regulations just call up the local county government offices, and you will find out what you need to find out.

The next thing you need to consider when building a dog kennel is how big of a dog kennel you want.  I always like to err on the side of caution and built it a little bit bigger than what you think you will need. Why?  Because if your dog has puppies or you add more dogs to your family you will need a larger kennel.

The other thing you have to consider, however, is that you need to think about how large the dog kennel will look compared to the house you are building.  You don’t want it to look out of place. So measure your yard, how much space you have, and take into consideration how it will look and if you have a fence.  You also want to think about how far away your dog kennel will be from your house.

Now when you go to buy materials for your dog house, don’t go cheap.  Buy good quality materials since your dog kennel will be exposed to the elements.  Rain, wind, snow, sun–of course this depends on where you live, but good material will last a long time.

I recommend using plastic fencing to make sure that the fencing you use does not cut any dog.  It is also recommended to make sure that the fencing is plastic so it does not rust or become sharp.

I also recommend burying your dog kennel fencing up to 12 inches deep IF your dog is likely to dig underneath it.  Of course if you are using a concrete floor then you don’t need to worry about that.  If you don’t have a concrete floor make sure that you bury the fence posts into the ground at a significant level, this will help your fence remain strong.

Always take a look at the door opening and make sure that the lock and bolt is easy for you to open, but not so easy that a dog (and yes I have seen this before)  can open the lock or door by nudging it’s paw on it.

Now let’s look at something EXTREMELY important that most people don’t look at  when building a dog kennel.  Shade!  You need to make sure that the dog kennel you are building has a place for shade.  If there is a tree or something that provides shade naturally then you don’t have to look at this as much. And when I say shade I mean shade that is not shade where the dog sleeps.  Ideally you want shade where the can move a little bit.

The last thing in this article to think about in regards to building a dog kennel is to focus on building your dog kennel on higher ground.  The main reason you need to think about building your dog kennel on higher ground is to of course make sure that you don’t have flooding or drainage issues.  This is especially important if it rains or snows where you live, since it can turn your dog kennel into a muddy pit.

These are just a few things to consider if you are wanting to build a dog kennel.  Now, I have personally built over 20 dog houses and dog kennels for friends, family members, and neighbors and I recommend that you learn more about this resource right here. There is absolutely no risk since they have a money-back guarantee, and the money you save by investing in this guide will be 10 fold on what you spend.  It has saved me a ton of money, time, and helped me avoid a lot of mistakes.  Click here to learn more.

Your friend,

Rick Riley

What to look for and how to choose a custom dog house.

Many people want to build a customer dog house for their dogs.  Dogs can be an important part of the family, and many people want their dogs to feel extremely comfortable.  This article will discuss some of the custom dog houses I have seen, and how I have been involved in building some custom dog houses.

So, what makes a custom dog house?  There are many different things that make up a custom dog house, and these can depend widely on prices and options.

Heating and Cooling Systems.

Many people want their dog to stay cool during the summer, and warm in the winter in the dog house.  A way to do that is to install a climate control system.  This is just a basic heater or air conditioner that can keep your dog at a great temperature.

This is not really a complicated situation, you just need to find an extremely small heating and cooling system.  Sometimes even a fan will be enough to cool the dog house with a slight breeze blowing on the dog.  A heating system sometimes can be a high wattage light bulb in the winter–if you have good enough insulation.  If you need a real heating and cooling system for your custom dog house then there are many places available that specialize in selling these units.  Be prepared to spend at least $100 up to thousands of dollars depending on how fancy you want the system to me, how much capacity the system has, and if you want a remote control system to be able to control it from your house.

Water Systems

Yes, it is possible to have a fresh water system for your custom dog house.  I have seen small tanks that dispense chilled water to a dog.  These tanks can be tapped into a water supply line, or can be independent that just require being filled occasionally.  Tapping into the water line is of course more expensive.

Entertainment systems in your custom dog house.

Do you want your dog to enjoy entertainment in his or her dog house?  There are simple entertainment systems you can buy.  These include a basic radio player, all the way to a small flat screen television that plays the animal channel or movies of your choice.  You need to make sure that whatever entertainment system you buy for your custom dog house is able to withstand hot and cold temperatures, and is protected from the elements and moisture.  Sometimes people like to build an intercom into their dog house so they can talk to the dog, and if the intercom is setup correctly the dog can talk (bark) back.

Another feature a lot of people want in their custom dog house is the ability to monitor their dog. How does this work?  You can setup a small wireless camera that goes into your dog house.  This can broadcast to a small television in your house, or, depending on the setup you go with, can broadcast to your computer.

These are the most common features I have seen people install in custom dog houses.  I have put several of these into the dog houses I have built for friends, neighbors, and family.  If you want to learn how to build a great custom dog house then you need to check out this resource right here.  It will give you step-by-step plans on how to build an awesome dog house.  I use this for every dog house I build, and you’ve got no risk in learning more.  Click here to learn more.

Your friend,

Rick Riley

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