Build Your Own Dog House

Are you looking to build your own dog house?  Building your own dog house can be a fun, easy, and quick hobby that brings you, your dog, and your family a lot of enjoyment.  However, before you build your own dog house you need to know a few things, as building your own dog house can sometimes be expensive and frustrating if you don’t plan ahead of time.  We have previously discussed insulated dog house plans here, so be sure to check that out if you need to learn more there.

Build your own Dog House – Part 1:  What to understand and know.  My personal experience.

Not all dog houses are created equal!  If you are really handy and an excellent builder you may be able to get away with just running to the store to buy some lumber, but most people need to stop and plan a few things.  Here are some questions you need to ask yourself.

1)  What size is your dog?  How large of a dog house are you looking to build?  If you have multiple dogs and want to build your own dog house, will multiple dogs fit into it?

2)  Is the dog house large enough for a female dog to have puppies in it?

3)  Does your dog house need to be insulated, or to have  a way to heat it?

4)  When you build your own dog house you need to figure out how you are going to clean the dog house.  Unfortunately, most people have not discovered how to make their dog clean up their dog house, so being able to clean out the dog house is important.

5)  Water proofing the dog house.  Not all lumber is good for building a dog house, and then not all lumber can be water treated the same.

These are just a few things to ask.

Build your own Dog House – Part 2:  Neighbors and the neighborhood.

Is your dog house going to upset the neighbors because they think it is ugly?  You need to consider this ahead of time.  Is it going to fit in and not violate city laws, codes, or ordinances, or neighborhood rules or ordinances–these are all questions you should ask yourself.  I know that I would have never thought of these things until I started building dog houses for friends, family, and neighbors.  You’d be surprised at how upset some people can get if you build a dog house and people don’t like it.

Do you have enough space in your back yard?  Will a dog house cause your dog to bark more, or to act up?  Dogs who are used to living in a house may not want to live in a dog house.

Build your own Dog House – Part 3:  Budget and to Save Money.

If you want to build your own dog house you need to make sure you don’t make this costly or expensive mistakes.  It is VERY easy, especially with the price of material, to go and spend a few hundred dollars and a few days (or for some people weeks) and end up with a dog house that doesn’t look that good, and even worse is not very good quality.  Luckily, there is a fool proof way for you to build your own dog house.

First, there is absolutely no risk.  There is a 60 day money back unconditional 100% guarantee so if for any reason you are unhappy with the dog house plans you can get 100% of your money back.  Don’t make costly mistakes that most people make that end up costing them hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours wasted and in frustration.  Click here today to learn more.

I have used this guide every single time I have built a dog house, and through the years I have built over 20 dog houses, and it has been useful every single time.

Your friend,

Rick Riley