Are you wanting to know how to build a dog house? This article will discuss the things you need to know about how to build a dog house.

A lot of people think that building a dog house is easy, and it certainly can be VERY easy, especially if you get easy dog house plans to help you. It can also be a challenge, though if you don’t know how to build a dog house.  There are many things to take into consideration including the dog house plans, location of the dog house, the size of the dog house, ventilation, cleaning of the dog house, insulation of the dog house, and more.  I know, it seems like a lot, but don’t worry.  We’ll cover some right now so it can be easy for you.

Part 1:  How to build a dog house – dog house size and yard size.

Is your dog house going to be for just one dog, and what size is your dog?  Building a dog house for a Saint Bernard is much different than building a dog house for a Cockier Spaniel.  Is your dog a female and is she going to have puppies?  Will you need more room or space for your dog house and for a family to grow?

Part 2:  How to build a dog house – warmth and insulation.

If you live in a colder climate you need to put insulation in your dog house.  Insulation can keep your dog warmer and help him or her retain heat.  But if you put insulation in your dog house you need to make sure that the insulation is sealed off properly so that the dog does not eat the insulation.  A dog can get really sick if he or she eats the insulation.  The best way, most of times, is to use 2 pieces of plywood and put the insulation in between the 2 pieces of plywood to seal it shut. The best easy dog house plans will provide plans for including insulation in your custom dog house.

Another thing about insulation is to make sure that the insulation does not get wet.  If the insulation gets wet it can mold and become toxic, which can make your dog sick and potentially even die.

Part 3:  House to Build a Dog House – The Foundation.

The foundation.  The foundation is important when building a dog house.  Many people don’t realize that even wood dog houses can be very heavy and difficult to move.  Some people build a concrete foundation which ensures you can never move the dog house.  Other people just want to have a dog house with no floor and just walls, so they can move the dog house anywhere they want.  The problem with no foundation or floor can be mud and erosion of the dog house.

Part 4:  How to Build a Dog House – Other things to consider.

if you are wanting to know how to build a dog house you need to realize simply starting to build a dog house with no planning can be done, but it is a mistake and can end up costing you hundreds of dollars in wasted material, and also it can cause you to become really frustrated and waste a lot of time, and energy.  Luckily, you can avoid the mistakes that most people make when they build a dog house, and you can save yourself time, money, and energy and build a dog house easily, quickly, and cheaply!  Go here now and you will instantly get access to learn how to build a dog house!  Click here now to learn more!

I have used this guide every single time I have built a dog house, and I have built over 20 dog houses in the last few years for friends, neighbors, and family members.  It will really make it easy, fun, and save you a lot of headaches and hassles.

Your friend,

Rick Riley