How to Make a Dog House by Rick Riley

Are you looking and wanting to discover how to make a dog house?  If you want to learn how to make a dog house you have come to the right place as we will discuss easy dog house plans here.

Making a dog house can be a fun and enjoyable project, but don’t just jump into it.  You can make several mistakes that can end up costing you hundreds of dollars, or can jeopardize and risk the health of your dog if you don’t do it correctly.  This article will discuss facts you need to know if you want to know how to make a dog house.

Learn How to make a dog house step 1:  Foundation and flooring is important!

You need a foundation or flooring.  Most of the time you can get by with a simple wood flooring, but you need to make sure your roof will protect the floor from getting wet.  A wet floor can be slick, but can also begin to rot and mold if it isn’t treated correctly.  Plus, you want to make sure that the floor of your dog house can be cleaned easily…which depends on the size of your dog house.

Discover How to make a dog house step 2:  Decide on the size of your dog house!

If you want to discover how to make a dog house you need to decide how big the dog house is going to be.  Do you have multiple dogs?  Do you plan on having puppies, do you want multiple dogs living in the same house?  Do you have a big back yard?  Can you afford the lumber or wood for building a large dog house?  All of these are things to consider.

How to make a dog house step 3:  Insulation

Insulating a dog house is extremely important because without insulation your dog can get really cold in some climates.  But you just can’t add any insulation or put insulation in the dog shed. Sometimes dogs eat insulation, or rodents can eat insulation.  This can cause the dog to get sick if he or she eats insulation.  Another thing you have to think about is keep the insulation free from moisture.  If the insulation gets wet then the insulation can get moldy or rot, and this can cause the dog to get sick or other problems.  If you do need insulation be sure to insulate the roof, the sides of the dog house, and the back of the dog house.  We’ll discuss insulation on the door in a minute.

How to make a dog house step 4:  The door

Is your dog house going to have a door in place, or is it going to be open.  A door is important to help keep the dog warm, so you can insulate the door properly.  You can build your door on a hinge so the dog can get in and out easily.

How to make a dog house step 5:  Shingles and the roof.

Many people don’t realize the important of good shingles and a roof.  If this is not done properly the dog house roof can leak and then you can have serious issues and problems when you make your dog house.  This will cause the dog house to get water in it, which can cause the dog house to rot and mold.

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Your friend,

Rick Riley