Insulated Dog House Plans

Here are some really important things to know if you are considering getting dog house plans regarding insulation!  This is from my personal experience.

If you are considering how to make a dog house and are looking into how to insulate your dog house then you need to look for insulated dog house plans, but not all insulated dog house plans are created equal!

Here are things you need to know.

Insulated Dog House Plans – What you need to know – Part 1

Moisture can ruin insulated, and can create mold or make your insulation toxic.  How do you prevent your dog house from getting mold in it and getting toxic?  You must make sure that your insulation, and in fact, all parts of the inside of your dog house are water proof, and that if they do get wet they can dry out quickly.

Insulation can become moldy and toxic if it gets wet.  A great way to seal up your insulation is to use plywood and the appropriate caulking material or sealing material.

Insulated Dog House Plans – What you need to know – Part 2

Insulation is great, and at the same time can be really bad in the summer.  If the insulation traps the heat in your dog house your dog runs the risk of overheating and getting sick, or worse even possibly dying.  A great way to ruin your day or week is to walk out and see the loving family dog dead with puke everywhere…and certainly the kids won’t like it.  Make sure you get the right type of insulation, and the right amount so if it gets warm where you live you dog suffocate your dog.

Insulated Dog House Plans – What you need to know – Part 3

Believe it or not some dogs will eat insulation.  Why?  Who knows…they are dogs, but one thing is for sure.  If your dog ends up eating insulation then he or she can get sick and die.  So this is one reason to make sure if you use insulation that it is sealed off correctly.  The best way to do this is to normally use plywood, put some insulation in between the plywood, and then use another board of plywood to seal it off.

Insulated Dog House Plans – What you need to know – Part 4

Make sure that you insulate all parts of the dog house.  Insulation won’t do its job if there is an area that does not have good insulation.  You need to insulate the back, the roof, the sides, and if possible use heavy plastic or build an insulated door so that heat does not escape in the winter.

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